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Jalen Brunson, Knicks Agree To Four-Year, $156.5M ExtensionJalen Brunson, Knicks Agree To Four-Year, $156.5M Extension

Jalen Brunson and the New York Knicks have agreed to a four-year, $156.5 million contract extension. Brunson will have a player option in Year 4. Brunson could have signed in 2025 for $269.1 million over five years, which is a difference of $113 million guaranteed and an annual average of $39.1 million against $53.8 million.

Brunson joined the Knicks in free agency in 2022 and was an All-NBA selection in 2024. Brunson could become a free agent in 2028 and sign for up to 35 percent of the max either with a four-year, $323 million extension or a five-year, $418 million contract if he becomes a free agent. In the interim, the Knicks will have substantially more cap flexibility to maintain the roster around Brunson and he establishes a precedent of taking less that could be impactful in future extension talks with other players, notably Mikal Bridges.

“Jalen signing his extension to remain with the Knicks for the long-term shows the dedication and passion he has for the organization, the fans and this city,” said Leon Rose, President of the New York Knicks. “Jalen has often called the Knicks his family and we are beyond proud to have him wear and represent our orange and blue for years to come. Jalen has embraced every challenge since he’s come to New York and has been committed since day one to the vision and plan we set forth for the future of this team. Since Jalen joined us two years ago, he has consistently led by example and continues to show a willingness to sacrifice for this organization, his
teammates and everyone in the Knicks family.”

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Warriors Interested In Extending Stephen Curry With $62.6M In 26-27Warriors Interested In Extending Stephen Curry With $62.6M In 26-27

Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors could open discussions on a new contract extension as the franchise would like him to remain with them for the remainder of his career. Curry signed a four-year, $215.3 million extension in 2021 that expires after the 25-26 season.

Curry is eligible to sign a one-year extension for the 26-27 season at approximately $62.6 million. Curry is limited on his extension due to the over-38 rule of the CBA. Curry and the Warriors have until October 21st to extend the extra year, otherwise it could be picked back up during the 2025 offseason.

“That guy can get whatever he wants,” said Mike Dunleavy. “All that stuff will get figured out. And Steph will be, I’m pretty confident he’ll be a Warrior for life.”

Dunleavy also expects extension talks to pick up with Jonathan Kuminga and Moses Moody.

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Evan Mobley Likely To Get Max Extension With CavaliersEvan Mobley Likely To Get Max Extension With Cavaliers

While speaking on ESPN Cleveland radio, NBA insider Brian Windhorst said that Evan Mobley’s contract extension should be done “somewhat soon”. Mobley is expected to get a max rookie scale extension from the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Cade Cunningham, Scottie Barnes and Franz Wagner all got max extensions this offseason. All three players also have language that can bump their extensions up to 30% of the salary cap, if they make All-NBA this season.

Considering Mobley was drafted ahead of Barnes and Wagner, and has been a big part of back-to-back playoff teams in Cleveland, he’s expected to get a similar deal.

Windhorst said, “I think the Cavs are willing to give him the max, and quite frankly, they don’t have a leg to stand on now that the guys around him in their draft class with comparable statistics and comparable futures have gotten the max.”

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Heat Not Shopping Jimmy Butler, No Extension ExpectedHeat Not Shopping Jimmy Butler, No Extension Expected

The Miami Heat have no intentions of trading Jimmy Butler this offseason. In addition, the Heat are unlikely to extend Butler’s contract before the end of this coming season. The leaves both player and team in a potentially tricky situation.

Butler is expected to opt out of his contract following the season to become an unrestricted free agent. The veteran wing would hit the market as a 36-year-old player coming off a max contract. Presumably, Butler would be looking for a three-year max or near-max deal with a contender.

If Butler chooses to leave Miami, he may need their help getting to his chosen destination. Several contenders used up future cap flexibility in deal this summer. That means Butler’s best avenue to leave the Heat could be via sign-and-trade. That comes with additional complications, due to sign-and-trade restrictions and teams getting hard-capped at the first or second apron.

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