MLB Betting Zambrano gets 5-year, $91.5M extension

Zambrano gets 5-year, $91.5M extension

The Chicago Cubs and Carlos Zambrano finally have a deal. The ace right-hander agreed Friday to a five-year, $91.5 million contract extension to stay with the only team he’s been with his entire career. The deal includes a vesting option for a sixth season. Zambrano could have tested the free agent market and perhaps gotten a bigger deal but he wanted to stay with the team, even as negotiations…

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KT Wiz vs Kia Tigers
Type: Moneyline - Status: OPEN
KT Wiz+125
Kia Tigers-170
NC Dinos vs Samsung Lions
Type: Moneyline - Status: OPEN
NC Dinos+100
Samsung Lions-135
LG Twins vs Lotte Giants
Type: Runline - Status: OPEN
LG Twins-130
Lotte Giants+100
Hanwha Eagles vs SSG Landers
Type: Moneyline - Status: OPEN
Hanwha Eagles-170
SSG Landers+125
Wei Chuan Dragons vs Rakuten Monkeys
Type: Total - Status: OPEN
Fubon Guardians vs TSG Hawks
Type: Moneyline - Status: OPEN
TSG Hawks+140
Fubon Guardians-185
CTBC Brothers vs Uni-Lions
Type: Runline - Status: OPEN
CTBC Brothers+105
Chicago Cubs vs St. Louis Cardinals
Type: Moneyline - Status: OPEN
Chicago Cubs-132
St. Louis Cardinals+110
Baltimore Orioles vs Philadelphia Phillies
Type: Runline - Status: OPEN
Baltimore Orioles - 1H+110
Philadelphia Phillies - 1H-145
Washington Nationals vs Miami Marlins
Type: Moneyline - Status: OPEN
Washington Nationals-121
Miami Marlins+101
Atlanta Braves vs Tampa Bay Rays
Type: Moneyline - Status: OPEN
Atlanta Braves-121
Tampa Bay Rays+101
Toronto Blue Jays vs Cleveland Guardians
Type: Moneyline - Status: OPEN
Toronto Blue Jays-135
Cleveland Guardians+113
New York Mets vs San Diego Padres
Type: Moneyline - Status: OPEN
New York Mets+101
San Diego Padres-121
Florida State (#8) vs Virginia (#12)
Type: Runline - Status: OPEN
Virginia (#12)-190
Florida State (#8)+145
Milwaukee Brewers vs Cincinnati Reds
Type: Runline - Status: OPEN
Milwaukee Brewers - 1H-105
Cincinnati Reds - 1H-125
Arizona Diamondbacks vs Chicago White Sox
Type: Moneyline - Status: OPEN
Arizona Diamondbacks-182
Chicago White Sox+150
Los Angeles Dodgers vs Kansas City Royals
Type: Moneyline - Status: OPEN
Los Angeles Dodgers-260
Kansas City Royals+210
Tennessee (#1) vs North Carolina (#4)
Type: Moneyline - Status: OPEN
North Carolina (#4)+150
Tennessee (#1)-200
Leones de Yucatan vs Conspiradores de Queretaro
Type: Runline - Status: SUSPENDED
Conspiradores de Queretaro
Leones de Yucatan
Boston Red Sox vs New York Yankees
Type: Runline - Status: OPEN
Boston Red Sox - 1H-130
New York Yankees - 1H+100

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